Commission an Oil Painting

Are you interested in commissioning a painting? Is there a painting of mine no longer available that resonates with you?  Although I don’t make exact copies of my paintings, I am happy to build upon a previous theme or idea. Perhaps you have some unique objects, such as items that hold personal meaning, that you would like featured in a distinctive painting. Or maybe there is a family member whose likeness you want to capture in a work of art.

To learn more about the process of commissioning a painting, please keep reading below and then feel free to contact me using the button at the bottom of the page to begin a dialogue about your idea.

Prices range from $2,000 to $40,000+ (USD) depending on the size and complexity of the artwork. Framing and delivery are included.

Although the commission process is unique because it is adapted to the needs of each client, the procedure often consists of the following stages:

As you read further,  please click on the painting images next to the descriptions to enlarge them.

Conversation Bubbles

1. Conversation with the Client

This conversation can evolve over a series of e-mails, a phone call, or in some cases an in-person meeting. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. It is also an opportunity for me to learn more about the type of painting you are interested in and potentially what drives your desire for a distinctive painting. Typically we will discuss things such as the subject matter for the painting and possibly the mood or tone that you would like to capture. We will also discuss more practical issues such as the desired size and where you intend to hang the completed painting.
Signature on Document

2. Signing a Contract

With this dialogue established and a firm sense of the direction for the painting initiated, I will send you a contract to clarify the terms and specifics of the project.  With the signing of the contract, along with a deposit (the terms of which are included in the contract), I will be able to devote time in my schedule for the next step—a small paint sketch.

3. Approval of a Paint Sketch

The paint sketch is a way for me to show you the direction I am envisioning for your painting. It is also an opportunity for you to share any concerns or suggestions you may have. Sometimes more than one paint sketch (or additional drawings) may be presented so that I can work out a design you are pleased with and I am excited to move forward with.

4. Creation of the Artwork

With a clear visual direction established for the painting, I will next go to work on the production of the artwork. At this point some people are curious to see how the work unfolds while others are not. Both are perfectly fine. If you find yourself interested in the procedure, I will be happy to keep you updated through periodic e-mails, occasionally including photos.

5. Custom Framing and Delivery

As the painting approaches completion, a custom built frame is designed and contracted. The frame not only helps protect the painting but also enhances its visual design. You may have input during the selection of the frame if you wish. After the frame has arrived and the painting has dried enough to receive a final varnish, the framed painting is shipped to you or in some cases delivered in person.

Thank you again for your interest in commissioning a painting. I spend a significant amount of time and energy on each and every painting I create.  For this reason I am very grateful to find a good home for each—with people who I know will enjoy them.

Please contact me by clicking on the button below so we can begin a conversation about creating a custom and unique painting for you.
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