The Virtual Study Program with Douglas Flynt

Personalized Lessons and Critiques Delivered through Streamable Videos

I Want to Help You Achieve Your Artistic Goals!

I have spent over two decades developing my abilities as an artist, with a focus on drawing and painting. I started that journey by completing both a BFA and a BA in Art History at Florida State University, and I went on to receive an MFA at the New York Academy of Art.  Along the way I also studied privately with accomplished artists and engaged in academic atelier training at the Waterstreet Atelier. After roughly seven years of formal study, I continued to enhance my knowledge with books, videos, and experimentation as I became a professional artist.

Since concluding my formal education, I have taught hundreds of individuals privately and through workshops or classes. As my students will attest, I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience. I know from my own studies that having someone to guide and assist you can enhance your work and increase your rate of development. Imagine having my years of experiences as a resource. Doing virtual study with me is a way for you to draw on my experiences to achieve your goals.

If you have questions about my virtual study program that I have not answered below or if you would like to obtain an application, please send me an e-mail using the contact form on my website. Please include “Virtual Study” in the subject line.

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Virtual Study Program FAQs

Who is this program for and what are the benefits?

This program is for self-motivated artists who want to improve their artistry from the comfort of their own studio, maintaining a schedule that works for them. Its goal is to offer high-quality instruction with a great degree of convenience and time flexibility. It allows you to work on your own projects in your own time, submitting them for feedback when you are ready. Not everyone can travel to attend workshops or gain easy access to an atelier or similar academic training.  Although you will need to apply and meet certain criteria to be accepted to the program, it is open to those at the early stages of their artistic journey as well as to advanced artists.

How does the program work?

Participants in the program will have continuous interaction with me through a series of consultations. Full-time students receive up to 3 consults per month while part-time students receive 1 consult per month. A consult includes one submission, to which I provide feedback or a critique, along with a round of follow-up questions via e-mail to clarify any questions you may have regarding my feedback or critique.

A submission can be images of your artwork, including any specific questions you may have related to the artwork, or it may be a more general issue that you need assistance with.

Consults cannot be rolled over into subsequent months. For example, if a full-time student is only able to make two submissions in one month, I will still only be able to offer three consults the following month, not four. As long as a submission is made by the end of the month, it will count for that month, even though the feedback and follow-up questions may spill over into the next month.

The same project can be used for more than one consult. For example, you may have a project that you would like feedback on at different stages. I think this is an ideal approach. Having the opportunity to give you feedback at different stages of your project allows me to better focus the information I offer. Long projects may involve as many months of consults as are needed.

How is the feedback given?

Students are delivered a streamable video(s) for each consult. The video time for each consult tends to average between 75-90 minutes. These videos may be screen captures or live recordings of me reworking, diagramming, or demonstrating. They are generally available for up to 6 months after they are sent, as long as you are still active in the program. This means you can watch them at your convenience. During the 6 month period you can view them as often as you would like to from your smartphone, tablet, or computer (internet connection required).

*Please note that the consultation videos you receive are not to be distributed or shared with others without my written permission.

How many months do I have to commit to?

Currently, students are only obligated for one month at a time. However, I am most interested in working with long-terms students because some of the satisfaction I get from sharing with others comes from witnessing their growth. When you decide you’d like to discontinue the program, please give me 30 days’ advance notice so that we can plan for your exit and I can let others who are waiting for a spot know when they may be able to begin the program.

How many students do you work with?

Space is extremely limited. The exact number of students fluctuates but usually there are fewer than 10 active students at any given time.

What is the cost and how does payment work?

The full-time (3 consults/per month) program fee is $525 USD per month.

The part-time (1 consult/per month) program fee is $190 USD per month.

You will be e-mailed an invoice at the beginning of each month via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. Payments can be made through the PayPal system using a credit card.

How does the artwork need to be submitted and do I need special equipment?

Submissions are made via e-mail. Typically, you would e-mail any questions or concerns you are having along with a high-quality photograph of the artwork you are submitting. I also provide a link to upload very large files directly into a private folder I have setup.  Only I will be able to see the files you upload. Although a good quality SLR camera is preferred, some smartphones produce adequate quality. It can be helpful to send more than one photograph with your submission. For example, along with a photograph of the entire artwork you might send some detail shots or photographs of reference materials. You are also welcome to send progress shots with your submission. These can help me to better understand your process. They can also be more casual in terms of how the photos are taken.

How does the waiting list work?

Once your application has been approved, if you are not ready to make a commitment or if I don’t have a spot available, I will add you to my waiting list. As spots open up, I will contact individuals on the waiting list to find out if they would like to enter the program. Preference will be given to previous program participants. For example, if you take part in the program for six months and then need to take a few months off, you will be given higher priority on the waiting list when you are ready to re-enter the program.

How do I apply?

To apply, please send me an e-mail using the contact form on my website, letting me know you would like an application. Include “Virtual Study” in the subject line. You may also e-mail me with any additional questions you may have about the program if you’re not ready to apply yet.

Contact Me to Apply for the Virtual Study Program!