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Throughout each year I take on a very select number of speaking or instructional engagements. These engagements may be lectures and/or demonstrations for art societies and schools, instructional group workshops, or even occasional mentoring of private individuals.

I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired from both my studies with other artists and from my own research and practice making artwork professionally.

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Still Life: With a Focus on Light and Form

Los Gatos, CA | 6 Days | July 23 – 28, 2018 | NUMU Atelier, New Museum Los Gatos

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Workshop Reviews

Thinking about attending a Workshop?  Read about the experiences of other workshop participants.
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I so enjoyed the workshop and felt that I learned a great deal. I already knew how to paint and had been painting for many years, but the workshop gave me the tools to make my work look more professional. The training in preliminary drawing, setting up the palette, and work habits was invaluable. I am trying to implement what I learned and I’m becoming more methodical with my work. You really helped me take my painting to a new level. Thanks for all your patience and your willingness to share your knowledge with other artists. -Mary H. Klunk
To those who are considering taking a class with Doug Flynt I would like to encourage you to do so. Since I am a self- taught portrait artist, I was apprehensive about the critiques and also about my own skill level compared to the others in the class. I observed immediately that Doug approaches each artist with a respect for their skill, experience and personality, no matter how varied. He has a unique ability to give direction and guidance without ever criticizing. If something isn’t working on the student’s canvas, he is able to suggest ways to make changes in a positive way, never negative. He speaks softly to each student he is with at the time and never makes them feel uncomfortable about the discussion. It amazed me that he was so extremely talented in this regard as well as being so skilled in his craft. I feel very blessed indeed to have had this experience. -Diana L. Williams
After the Still-life workshop with Mr. Douglas Flynt, in Ft. Myers, Florida during March of 2012, I came home feeling more like an artist. [It was] filled of great information (instruction) provided by this teacher of teachers who with gentleness gave each student all he knows without reservations. The abundant data of the Munsell color [system] and light theory, the mixing of colors on the palette and its application on the painting to create forms are a must to do great realistic paintings. Any serious art student or artist that wants to learn or refine his or her knowledge of Classical Realism should consider learning from this master artist/teacher: Douglas Flynt in any of his workshops. I wish I had learned from him years ago….  -Maria Tuma
Douglas Flynt’s portrait workshop was the most informative and professionally run workshop I have ever attended. Douglas is both a gifted artist and a thoroughly dedicated and generous teacher; a rare combination. Not only does Douglas walk the class through each step of his process but he articulates with great clarity his thought process while doing so. This workshop was indispensable in my efforts of taking my work to the next level. It’s inspired me to learn to work smarter and I’ve never been more excited about my art. -Joseph Mattus
Doug Flynt, who taught this summer’s [2011] Still Life Workshop at Grand Central Academy, is the best teacher I have studied with, inspiring and thorough. In his class, we drew the first week and painted the second. Doug spent much of his time giving individual students help, from selecting and arranging the objects in their setups to correcting their drawing. He worked alongside us on his own still life painting, so we could observe his procedure. His clear and useful lectures and demos covered many subjects: Canvas Stretching, Transferring a Drawing to Canvas, Color Theory, Color Strings, Color Mixing, Lighting, Diffuse and Specular Reflection. Doug is knowledgeable about every aspect of painting. He recommended many additional study sources, from books to websites to blogs. In moving around the room, helping students with their own work, Doug was very generous with his time. We were also able to look over his shoulder and watch him work while he explained what he was doing; I found this especially helpful. He stayed late after class to help us all and worked on the Saturday between the two weeks of the workshop to finish his own painting; we came in that extra day and worked alongside him.”  -Martha Crow
Doug is not only a disciplined artist, but a master communicator. During demonstrations, he gives a steady commentary on why and how he is developing each section of the painting. Doug’s workshops are for anyone interested in making clear-cut decisions during the painting process while working in a relaxed and low-pressure environment. -Lynn Yoder
I recently took your still life workshop. It was an enlightening two weeks packed with extensive information on the painting process, demos and time to work on our own paintings. I gained so much knowledge regarding how to mix colors, how light falls on form, how to set up a studio as well as many practical pointers on materials and techniques. I appreciate the caring and patient attention you gave to each participant and your openness and willingness to share information from your wealth of knowledge and experience. I look forward to taking another workshop with you. -Claudia Weiss
Doug, the 2-week portrait workshop was truly inspirational and the best oil painting workshop that I have ever taken. In addition to being a talented painter, you are a very generous and capable teacher, able to explain the most complicated theories to a diverse group of attendees. I appreciate the high level of instruction in your lectures with the accompanying handouts, and I enjoy your references to art history and to appropriate technical books. Of course, your demos are exceptional as you create “magic” before our eyes, explaining all the while as you paint. Thank you for sharing your tremendous talents.  -Kathy Brombacher
A very BIG thank you for such a wonderful course, I learnt so much thanks to your clear and generous instruction into the world of colour and form, I am now seeing both three dimensionally which will enable me a greater freedom to paint as I would like to. It was worth my two trips from the UK for your workshops and will recommend your teaching to everyone. I have seen such an improvement in my work already! Thank you also for all the laughs!  -Lindy Allfrey
Thank you, Doug for the most wonderful and informative workshop I have ever taken. There is never any hesitation in the sharing of all of your knowledge and resources and your individual attention to each student is really appreciated. I have walked away from this workshop with a wealth of information and better understanding of so many things and look forward to putting all of this information into practice.  -C.E. Candelori
Recently, I attended a two week drawing/painting class taught by Douglas Flynt in Fort Myers, FL. He gave lessons every morning that will serve me now and for the rest of my art career. He took all our questions and answered them, sharing what seemed like an unending knowledge base about notable artists, books packed with useful information, the best supplies, color theory, mixing colors, etc. In the afternoons, as we were working on our individual paintings, Douglas made sure that everyone had the individual attention they needed, stopping several times with each artist. In the past I attended an art college, and I have taken a lot of art courses. The results of Douglas’ many years of teaching and practical knowledge far surpassed anything I have learned to date. I left with the confidence that I have the tools to raise my art to a new exciting level.  -Laurie D. Paci
Doug, working with you has been, by far, the most useful information and format I have ever found for serious study. (I’m including schools in New York, Florence, Paris and Toronto) I can’t begin to tell you the level of understanding I gained from this last workshop. I know we all said many times, “Well, that piece of information alone was worth the price of admission” …but we were serious. Truthfully, if you charged a fee based on the value of the information you provide no one could afford to attend. You are the rare mix of an excellent artist who truly understands what he is doing and a generous gifted teacher.  -Patricia Solin
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help. . . . [A]lthough I may not as of yet be able to implement the techniques that you showed us it is in the knowledge that I feel you will improve every artist you come across. -Michael B.
Douglas Flynt is an excellent teacher and an amazingly precise and thoughtful painter. I was wowed at his patience and depth of knowledge of color. He is wonderful at articulating the thoughts accompanying his actions with paint, and explaining the principles he uses to create his art. Demonstrating is his strength.  -Austin Workshop Participant
I learned more in these five days about realism than any painting class I took as an art student at the school of The Art Institute of Chicago!  -Austin Workshop Participant
If you want to kick-start your painting skills or take your painting chops to the next level, then this workshop is essential. Doug is attentive to making sure you understand the information and how to apply it to your drawing or painting.  -Austin Workshop Participant